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ATM Graphics, is one of Northern Ireland's leaders, in vehicle window tinting. They have been providing this service for 20 years and despite the progression and invention of new products, they have always stood by the SunTek product's as they have confidence in their products. They are so confident not only in their products but also in their installation techniques that all tint work will carry a 'money back' guarantee and the usual 'owner lifetime' guarantee.

Installing the right window tint to a vehicle, not only improves the style and look of your vehicle adding elegance and style but also adds many more benefits. There are certain laws and guidelines that all companies that install window tints have to adhere to, in layman's terms: front side windows needs 70% sunlight, most new cars have the permitted 30% tint from factory. All rear windows can be treated however front windscreen and front side windows must remain untouched.

The Benefits
All our tinting films also provide a 98% UV light rejection, reduce sun glare and can reduce heat inside a vehicle by 63%, benefiting young children, the elderly and pets.
As the SunTek film bonds with the glass on installation of the tinting, this adds extra safety in the event of an accident or a window getting broke, it holds the glass all together, aiding in car crime prevention. For workers vehicles etc., recommended darker tints are advised to rear windows as it obscurs thiefs views, also helping to deter car crime and thefts.
Not only can window tinting help your vehicle to hold its value due to the added stylish, prestigious looks but it also helps to protect your vehicle's interior from sun damage, which can fade any pattern material, and sometimes even destroy plastic interior mouldings or panels.

SunTek window films are exclusively manufactured in the United States at their world class facility in Martinsville, Virginia. It is the 'Commonwealth Laminating and Coating INC..', a subsidiary of Eastman Chemical Company which is responsible for the manufacturing and marketing of their wide portfolio of SunTek products.All SunTek films are guaranteed not to fade or crack.

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ATM Graphics Unit 23, Sperrin Business Park, Ballycastle Road. BT52 2DH
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